How long will it take to receive my order?

One-of-a-kind pieces sold in the store are ready to ship. Packages are prepared within 4 to 7 days after your order. They are then entrusted to the post office which sends them to you by its Colissimo service.

Metropolitan France, Monaco, DOM and Overseas territories: 2 days.

Europe: 3 to 4 days.

Overseas and international: 5 to 7 days, and up to 9 days for certain destinations such as Australia or India.

These times are indicative and do not take  exceptional delays into account.

For all other orders (limited series production without stock or creation of custom pieces), allow two to five months depending on when you place your order. Write to the workshop to know the delay.
However, if you need to receive a jewel urgently, you can write to contact@maison-maisonnette.fr explaining your needs and decide together what is possible.


Can I return my jewellery or amulet?

You have fourteen days to return your jewellery in its original packaging and in perfect condition, after having contacted the atelier at contact@maison-maisonnette.fr and explained the reasons for your return, in order to find together what would be the best solution for you (to make a size setting or a new custom model for example).


How should I care for my jewellery or amulet?

The jewels are made of gold-plated bronze. To make that they remain shiny, you better don’t wear them for sleeping, showering, bathing or exercising, and you shouldn’t put them in direct contact with your perfume or detergent products.
Before storing them for a certain period of time, use a soft cloth to wipe them gently.

For a regilding’s request, please write me to contact@maison-maisonnette.fr.

Bronze amulets and objects are made in bronze. They blacken over time, which is part of their charm. However, you can clean them with a soft toothbrush and neutral soap, and even get a chamois cloth especially made for jewellery that will make your piece shiny again.


Where are the pieces made?

All the jewellery and amulets are made between the atelier near Paris and the historical houses Maison Maisonnette work with, the founders and gilders mostly in Paris and sometimes in the South of France.


What does “gold-plated” mean?

The mention “gold-plated” has a legal value in France that is defined by a guarantee service under the French Ministry of Finance. It means that a thickness of at least 3 microns of gold has been applied on the jewel. The baths that Maison Maisonnette uses are 18-carat baths.
It can be attested by a manufacturer’s hallmark validated by French customs, which must be affixed to the plated piece, unless the shape of the piece does not allow this. Maison Maisonnette therefore has its own maker’s mark, consisting of the maker’s initials (“MG”), in the center of which is a symbol chosen by Maison Maisonnette (the owl of Athena), inside a square.

Gold-plated should not to be confused with “fine gold gilding” or “24-carat gold gilding”, which means that less than 3 microns of gold has been applied to the coin. Gilding is not regulated by the State.


What commitments does Maison Maisonnette make to sustainability?

Artisanal manufacturing is in itself a commitment to the environment because it is opposed to the model of overproduction.
By buying a piece of jewelry from Maison Maisonnette, you are committing yourself to a short circuit, to manufacturing in very small quantities, entirely by hand – and very few hands: those of Marion Grébert, the founder and the gilder.

However, a jewel, since it is metal, is made from a raw material that necessarily results from extraction at some point. This is why it is important for Marion Grébert to create her pieces in full consciousness, without excess, taking care of the deep meaning that there is for her to make them.